Monday, December 9, 2013


As many of you know, I've been raising money for a little girl named "Lanie" for Angel Tree this Christmas. 
Reality hit me the other night when I was praying for Lanie . . . 

This Christmas, Lanie won't be surrounded by her family.
She sits behind orphanage walls. . . She won't receive hugs and kisses from her family, there won't be a carefully stuffed stocking with her name on it. Lanie won't get to wear a pretty dress with tights and shiny shoes for family pictures. 

My prayer is that before this time next year, she'll be someone's daughter. 
 I'll smile (and probably cry) when I see a picture of her standing in front of a decorated tree with her family. 
Love will win, I just know it.  

A year ago, my friend Natalie's daughter Sara spent her Christmas in an orphanage. 
This year she is a beloved daughter and is learning new things every day. 
Spend five minutes with this little gal and she'll capture your heart. 
Love won. 

Me, Natalie and Sara.
Check out Natalie's blog at:
Sara meeting Santa.
Here are some precious little girls waiting for their families. 
Little girls that would look precious in pretty dresses while wearing shiny shoes. 
These girls need to be seen, they deserve to be loved. 
 Could one of them be your daughter?

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