Thursday, September 26, 2013

For Kyle.

I had another post planned, but this is a post that I have to make. 

Late last year a certain country closed their doors to American adoptions. 
So many people's lives were altered by these events, some of the children over there had people coming for them. They were chosen. . .they still are. I know that their names are still engraved on the hearts of their parents and will be forever. They are still loved and wanted. 

I was heartbroken to hear that this sweet-faced little guy passed away yesterday. 
Someone's son. 
Kyle was chosen. 
I like to think that tonight he's sitting on Jesus' lap. . . no more tears or fear. Just love, the love that this sweet little guy yearned for his entire life. 

There is so much we can do . . . 
Yesterday after I heard about Kyle I listened to song by a band called "Take it Back!"  and they say it perfectly. 

"This has to end here .
This has to end right now.
No longer can we wait for things to all work out.
Just open up your eyes 
and look past your front door.

Your sisters in the streets and your brothers at war. 
Compassion has been lost in a nation built by greed ,
but we could be a generation that is truly free." 

Tonight look past your suburban street or your city loft. . . think of the sweet little loves that are locked away. 

In honor of sweet Kyle I urge you to pray for an orphan tonight, if you don't pray at least look at some of these sweet faces. Every last one of these children matter, they deserve to live in a home with people that love them. They do not deserve to die alone alone, children are meant to be in families. . . not institutions.


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