Sunday, August 10, 2014

Worth it.

I haven't been blogging as much lately. 
But don't worry, I'm still praying for precious kids that need families. 
In this season I've been trying to fix my eyes on Jesus more than I ever have. 
So while this blog has been quiet, my heart hasn't been. 

There are a few kiddos lately have really captured my heart and have become regulars in my prayers. 

Sweet sweet Ivey.

A family that met Ivey this year said the followring:

"When we were in there, she asked the staff if it was possible to get a family for herself, but they felt the answer would be no- because no one would want someone as badly disabled as she was. . .  I am praying with all my heart that there is a family out there that recognizes that a person’s worth is not measured by what they can physically do- and will cross the ocean to call her daughter, because I truly believe she would be an incredible addition to a family. She’s spunky and overcame her hesitation about potential rejection, in order to ask me if I would please see if I could find her a family." 

This sweet girl ASKED for a family. 
Even though she thought the answer would be no, she asked anyways. 
My prayer is exactly what the family above said, that there is a family out there that sees that a person's worth isn't measured by what they can do physically. 
I know that there's a family out there that will look at her picture and know that she's their daughter.
They'll know that she's worth crossing oceans for.

This little sweetie threw her arms around my brother-in-law's neck and rested her head on his shoulder. 
She's not a favored child in her orphanage. . . mostly due to her mental delays. 
Hair cropped short, no pretty dresses to wear or bows in her hair. 
She desperately needs a family. 
A family to treat her like the precious girl she is, that they will see her potential. 
Because just like Ivey, Lynda is worth it. 

I was looking through photos on my phone a few days ago. . . 
I found the first picture I ever saw of my nephew. 

This photo of him sparked this post. 
I found it the other day when I was looking through files on my computer. 
I couldn't shake the look on Sam's face in this photo. 
After I saw Sam's face in late 2012, I started praying for waiting kiddos like Sam. 
They saw his worth and they crossed oceans to make him a beloved son. 

Sam nowadays.
A beloved son, brother, grandson, and nephew.
 The world may not see the two girls I listed above as "worth it", but I do and so does Jesus.
He sees their beauty and thinks that they are perfect.
I pray that he comforts them in their orphanages in Eastern Europe, that he sends people to love them while they're waiting for their families.
I pray that Jesus works in the hearts of the future mothers and fathers of the two girls I listed above.

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