Sunday, October 13, 2013

Learning something new.

Last month I started taking an introductory ASL (American Sign Language) course with a family friend.
I thought I'd enjoy it and knew I would benefit from it. I recently started taking steps to land a job working exclusively within the special needs community, so I thought learning some sign language would be a huge asset.
I didn't know I was about to fall in love. . .

Since I have started my class. . . I've watched numerous ASL lesson videos online, practiced and studied (almost) nightly, and I have read articles and books on Deaf culture. Basically, I've just been learning as much as I can with the resources that I've been given and the things I've found myself.


I just spent my most of my evening learning new signs and practicing some I've already known. I sent a video to a friend of mine, just showing off some of my new signs. My friend immediately commented on how genuinely happy I looked signing. Just hearing that made me smile, I know I have so much more to learn. . . Nevertheless I am so thankful that I've had  the opportunity to learn something so beautiful and interesting.

***Here are some sweet kiddos that are deaf or hard of hearing that need families. ***
These children will not reach their full potential in institutions, they would THRIVE in a family.
The first child on my list is "Lanie", she's the child I will be raising money for during Angel Tree. . . I love her so.

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